Mega Weegee Small
Weegee the is guy that start the whole internet meme, and without him, this wiki wouldnt exist.

his brother is malleo and his parents are papa weegee and mashesh. his pony version is derpeegee


Weegee has accumulated so many powers that it hard to keep track of

Weegee stare his is Weegee's most famous power. If he stares at someone, they will start to look like Weegee, and soon Weegee will take control of that victim's mind. The victims become Weegee slaves. Sometimes the Weegification process is partial, while other times it makes them look identical to Weegee.

Laser Vision. A classic.

Weegee Virus. Transmitted by the Weegee stare. Also transmitted by certain objects such as Weegee pills, Anti-Waffles, and Weegee Soft Drink.

Invinicibility. It is very, very difficult to hurt him. Only the strongest fakegees can hurt him.